Data Deletion Instructions for Facebook Users

Data Deletion Instructions for Facebook Users

How we use Facebook services:

Our apps do not collect any data about you or your Facebook friends. If you are using one of our apps, you may have an option to share your latest game’s score with your Facebook connected friends. Apporilla does this to help drive installs. We do not store this data or have any way to access it.

What we do not collect:
– your email, name, age or other data entered on facebook, your devices identifiers (IMEI, phonenumber, IDFA)

What we may have:
– Our logs might have your ip address logged with a timestamp. Your IP address might also be used by your neighbor or by someone else at your company, this is just how ip addresses work. We don’t link ip addresses to specific users and we have no way of doing this. But we don’t keep this data around. If we have it, it way only used temporarily to troubleshoot some problem. (like why are there no installs coming from Germany today?)
– Aggregate device info. We know that we have 104 installs from Galaxy S10 devices or 97 users with iOS 14.1 on Jan 1. But this is also used to pinpoint problems, like users who updated to iOS 14.2 can no longer play the game. We also have no way of linking this to you
– If you make a good score, you can enter a screen name to show other users on the leaderboard. You can enter anything you want here (although we do filter out bad words)

So you want something removed:

we can remove your screen name from our history. we can also remove your ip address from our logs if we still have it. (but it is very unlikely we do still have it)
as for aggregate data. if you really want us to decrease the count of iOS 14.2 users we have by 1 by removing the record of your install, we can do that to on request.