Mahjong Solitaire – Help and Support

Mahjong Solitaire – Help and Support


The goal is to remove tiles until there are no tiles left.
You can only remove tiles in pairs if both are free.
A tile is free if it does not have another tile touching on both the left or right side and it does not have any tiles on top of it.
Tiles have suits named: Dots, Bamboos, Characters, Dragons, Winds, Seasons and Flowers
Tiles must have the same suit and number to be a matching pair except for Seasons and Flowers. These can be matched with any other Season or Flower tile.
The game is over when all tiles are removed, no more moves are possible, or in a timed game, time runs out.

Game Types

You have 20 minutes to clear the board. Time starts when you remove the first tile pair. Use Help if you wish, but using Help lowers your score.

You have 2 minutes to score as many points as you can. Timer starts right away after a short count down. Help is not available to you


Base Points
You earn points for removing a pair of tiles.
10 for Charactors, Dots or Bamboos
20 for Winds
30 for Dragons
50 for Seasons or Flowers

Suit Multiple
If you remove one pair of the same suit right after another, you get an extra multiple added to your score:
2x bonus for first, 3x for second etc.
These multiples are added together so you can get a 3x multiple for removing 3 pairs of Dots in a row, and an additional 2x multiple for remove 2 pairs of ‘1 Dot’ tiles.

Streak/Rank Bonus
If you remove pairs in consecutive order in the same suit, ex: 1 Dot, 2 Dot, 3 Dot etc you will receive an extra Streak Bonus
This Bonus is added to your score after the suit multiple.
Streak Bonus values are: 5, 20, 60, 100, 150, 200, 250, 350, 500
So the first incremental match will receive an 5 point bonus, the second 20, etc, up to 500.
This Bonus resets if you change suits or match out of sequence, but does’t reset if your next match is of the same suit and rank (it just won’t increment)

If will cost you points to use the Hint feature.
The more you use it, the more points it will cost you.
The first time you ask for a Hint, it will cost you 10 points. If you ask for another one without matching a pair, it will cost you 1 more point. After you match a pair the next hit cost will increment by 2.
first hint cost: 10, second hint 1
match a pair
next hint: 12, next 1
match a pair
next hint: 14…
If the cost of getting a Hint exceeds your current score, you will not be able to get a Hint

End of Game Bonus
At the end of the game, you may receive additional bonus points for:
Completing the Game
Time Remaining

The Game Interface

Touch a tile to select it. If you touch a second tile and it is a match, both tiles are removed. If it is not a match, the first tile is unselected.

Pan the board by touching and draging to a new location
Zoom in and out by pinching two fingers in and out. You can also rotate the board by rotating your two fingers.
Change the angle from the horizon by draging with three fingers